Why Become a Medical Assistant

Medical assistants perform both clinical and administrative tasks. They serve as the first point of contact with the public. You can work as a medical assistant if you learn the basics of accounting and billing, pass knowledge of ICD-10 codes for insurance, as well as understand patient and medical chart software applications.

While considering your options for health career education programs, think about the benefits of a medical assistant career. If cost is a program for you, there are medical assistant scholarships you can take advantage of. Below are reasons to begin preparing for this career:

Gain Personal Fulfillment

Before you can start working in the healthcare industry, you need to hone your medical-related knowledge and skills. But, beyond your understanding of the medical practice, you will interact with patients and their loved ones. As a medical assistant, you have different responsibilities such as removing sutures and dealing with people’s concerns at the front desk. Despite your challenging work, you may be able to learn a new interesting medical procedure the next day. You don’t see the challenges as barriers to your growth; instead, as tools to help you feel fulfilled.

Get Certified Fast

Although you don’t really need a formal education to become a medical assistant, you need to complete related training that can last in 1-2 years. This is shorter than in other medical careers. A lot of medical assistant programs also include internships which will help you gain hands-on experience that prepares you to become an effective member of a healthcare team.

Work in Various Settings

Medical assistants make things happen for doctors so wherever doctors work, you can also apply to work in the same place. Your options include hospitals, private practices, clinics, and ambulatory care.

Enjoy Flexible Schedule

The majority of medical assistants work full time, 40 hours every week. But, medical facilities like emergency clinics and hospitals usually serve the needs of patients by being open 247/. Thus, even if you work a full week, you have the option to create a schedule which works for you.

Take Advantage of Advancement Opportunities

After getting certified as a medical assistant, you can choose to pursue more training, depending on your interest and passion. For instance, you may want to pursue an education in nursing to work more closely with patients. Once you gain the experience and knowledge, you may advance to a managerial position, taking more responsibilities and enjoying higher compensation.

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